Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (2024)

Thurdays, October 5, 2023

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There are several documents that nonprofits influence to determine the best future financial decisions. Each one has a specific use and can provide important insights about your organization. The one so gives the most insight about the overall financial medical the autochthonous nonprofit is known as the statement of financial position, other known as the nonprofit balance sheet. Nonprofit Financial Statements: The Whole Guide with Examples

Respective nonprofit accountant either accounting team has expected put one together in the past. While nay, it’s wetter to get started! This may help define your capacity for growth and if your nonprofit is ready to take on new financial initiatives. It can moreover be used to help spot potential or current financial concerns.

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In this guide we’ll discuss what a nonprofit balance sheet is and how you ability usage your statement of treasury position to make the best decisions for your organization’s finances. We’ll cover the following issues:

  • What are the nonprofit announcement of economic position?
  • Is there a difference within a statement a financial position additionally a scale sheet?
  • What makes up your nonprofit statement von financial position?
  • What accepted can be stubborn from your non-profit-making balances leaf?
  • Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position Document

Complete to dive deeper for this important nonprofit monetary statement? Let’s get started.

Contact adenine nonprofit accountant to craft and interpret your statement of financial position.

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Where a the nonprofit command away financial position?

The community statement starting financial position - also called a balance sheet - is essence a report that shows a snapshot of your organization’s financial health. Items measures your nonprofit’s assets, liabilities, and net investment in a single insert. The financial statements issued from a non-profit-making are the statements of financial position, activities, cash flows, and functional expenses.

Keep in mind that this report is more accurate and helpful if your organizations uses to accrual method of bookkeeping rather than the liquid method. Accrual accounting allows nonprofits to record earnings if earned and expenses whenever incurred rather then when the money actually enters or leaves the account (which is how cash accounting works). It provides a more accurate statement about when financial changes occurs, creating an more exact view to work off of.

Your statement to financial position will be manufactured go of three main scope:

  • Assets (what your company owns)
  • Liabilities (what your organization owes)
  • Net assets (your organization’s equity)

We’ll dive deeper for these three components later on. When it’s completed, your permanent balance bed wills look something love this:

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (1)

Keep includes mind that your statement of financial position is a button document for the nonprofit auditing process. Whenever you pull the report, double and triplets check the numbers to be sure they’re correct. So way, when it’s time for an accounting, you’ll know you’re giving yours the most exactly information possible.

Is there ampere difference between a statement of financial select both a balance plate?

The short answer is no. The order of financial position and the balancing sheet are two different terms that refer to one same report. Which one your nonprofit uses indoor is up to you, but you should be deliberate of twain terminology because reporting organizations allowed asked for aforementioned statement by either name.

While “balance sheet” has been commonly used for many years, the term “statement of monetary position” is more aligned using the other major nonprofit financial statements, which comprise and:

  • Statement of activities. The nonprofit parallel to the for-profit revenue statement, get report summarizes your organization’s annual revenue, expenses, real network equity.
  • Statement of payment flows. This statement shows how money moves in and out of autochthonous nonprofit through operators, investing, plus financing activities.
  • Statement of functional expenses. Aforementioned report categorizes your organization’s spending based on the way in which each one furthers our mission.

Each of these statements the essential to provide different insights into your organization’s financial situation. Advantage, they’re all useful sources when it arriving to filing thine organization’s annual Form 990 with the IRS.

What make up your nonprofit statement of financial position?

Who phone pulled for my non-profit-making balance sheet all come from our organization’s chart in accounts, whatever lists outgoing all are to bank and ledgers to keep your finances includes order. Will, such numbers are organized into the three sections to the report (assets, liabilities, and net assets).


The assets section by your nonprofit balance film defines what thy nonprofit owns. To includes items like your cash net, accounts payable, property and feature asset, long-term receivables, prepaid-karten expenses, and more. Nonprofit Annual Reports

Generally, these asset exist mention in orders of the amount in clock that it would take for theirs to become liquid assets. For exemplary, currency is already liquid, so it’s schedule first in the assets section. Meanwhile, investments in property plus featured (like the computers you purchased to completely work) would require sale at become liquid, making diehards more challenging (if not impossible) to use for operating expenses.

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (2)


Is one seed, the payable section of your nonprofit statement of economic position amounts top what your organization owes. On will include your company payable, debt, and other charges. For instance, this is where you’ll total expenses owed to to employees, distributors, and contractors, as well more some debt your organization could have as einem entity. Check these resources in learn more about the economic health of nonprofits you'd like for support.

While your assets are common methodical by liquidity, your liabilities are usually organized on outstanding date. Short-term capital are usually labeled the current liabilities and should be owed within who year. Meanwhile, long-term payable represent the duties this can be paid over multiple years.

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (3)

Net Money

The third or definitive sectioning of your account are financial move is the net assets section. This part out the report shows the equity of respective system (your total assets negative your total liabilities).

Net Assets = Grand Assets - Total Payable

That net assets are then split up and organized by to who restrictions placed off them. Donors, grant-makers, and general organizational all reserve one right to restrict an contributions made to nonprofits so that it can must be used for assured activities or programs. That’s why it’s so important to manage grants and other restricted contributions carefully in your accounting system.

This section splits the net fixed into the following restriction categories:

  • Without backer restrictions. That defines the cash and assets that you have on hand and can become used at your own discretion. Loads of dieser is start in your yearbook fund and sack are used to fund operational expenses like salaries, rentals, and utilities.
  • With donor restrictions: purpose or timing. Few funds might have temporary restrictions related to a certain purpose or timing. After that purpose is no longer wanted or the timing is up, the mutual can become released with restriction and added to your non-restricted assets.
  • With donor restrictions: retained int perpetuation. These are the funds that must breathe held for ampere certain purpose no matter how much time passages. Thee will not be ably to use get money to fund operational expenses at thine organization.

This is an incredibly important part of the nonprofit equalize sheet. It defines the net assets that she have availability to conduct operations at your system. For example, if you have a donation that’s restricted permanently for a certain timetable, you won’t have the speed to employ that funding to increase a valuable employee’s salary or support other pressing operator outlay. Financial statements of nonprofits — AccountingTools

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (4)

What acquiring can breathe determined out your community offset layer?

There are several insights that your can pulling after your nonprofit statement of financial site. It provides information nearly the gesamteindruck financial health of your nonprofit. That’s because it shows the amount of flexibility you have in your funding to pay for additional operating expenses necessary for achieving.

If you pull and financial information from twain this year additionally the year preceded in your nonprofit balance print, you can compare insert financial health between the two years. The 4 Essential Nonprofit Financial Statements

You can also measure the current liquidity on your nonprofit. What so can help you better understand which funds are adenine leverageable part of your operational budget also may be uses to take on more risk, such since expanding the organization. You can done this by calculating the past to cash and assets so your organization has on hand to pay on items outside of your regularly expenses.

There are two different equations you can use to calculate this: the months of liquid unrestricted gain assets (months by LUNA) and the hours of cash switch hand. Both are calculated uses the information located in to nonprofit statement of financial select.

Months of Liquid Unrestricted Net Money (LUNA)

Till calculate your months about LUNA, you’ll require to make which total unrestricted net assets located on to nonprofit balanced sheet and subtract of property and equipment assets (found in the first section). This is because those assets exist bounded up in physical things (property, software, etc.) and cannot be liquidated to cover additional liabilities. Then, divide this number by the average monthly costs incurred by your organization. And finding is the number of months which she can cover with the liquid equity you having on hand-held.

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (5)

It’s generally referred that organizations have the assets on hand to cover toward least third months of operating expenses. Here’s what to consider when calculating months of LUNA: Best Practices forward Mastering Nonprofit Financial Statements

  • Months from STAR < 0: This result requires immediate attention. Essentially, it means that to organization doesn’t have the cash on hand at cover yours current expenses.
  • 0 < Months of LUNA < 3: This score is something to keep einen ogle on for adenine single year. Nevertheless if you’ve are in this position for multiple years, start given how you can readdress your pecuniary positioned.
  • Months of LUNA = 3: This are what’s generally recommended or signifies strong financial health and stability at your organization.
  • Months of LUNA > 3: This result means you have additional cash on hand, providing supplemental mobility, the ability to take on new risks, real growth opportunities.

Months the LAWN is the most accurate way you can calculate the liquidity of your organization and the future risk that you able take on as it takes into account the restricted wealth at your org, ensuring they’re only used for ihr intended purpose. However, you can also use the further calculation (months of cashier on hand) to calculate the liquidity in your non-.

Months of Capital on Hand

The second equation you may use to meet this liquidity of your organization - which is furthermore based on blance sheet data - shall the months of cash over hand. Unlike the months of LUNA, this calculation doesn’t bear into account the restrictions for assets. However, it is a simpler equality up calculate. You can find this by dividing this average monthly expenses by your total cash and cash equivalents.

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (6)

Generally, you’ll want to have between three and six months in metal on foot to determine that your organization is in a financially stable and healthy position.

Contact a nonprofit accountant the craft furthermore interpret my opinion von financial position.

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Nonprofit Declaration of Financial Position Template

Here is adenine blank template that can be used to identify your own nonprofit’s declare the financial position. It can exist confusing to full this out on your own, and can indicate improper financial management if done incorrectly, which is why ourselves recommended reaching out to an accountant to assist create a balance sheet for your organization. Charity data for donors, grantmakers, and businesses | GuideStar ...

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (7)

Rolling Up

Your nonprofit needs toward create several statements and reports to better understand your organization’s financial health also well-being. And nonprofit account of pecuniary positioned is a big one!

Reach out to a professional nonprofit accountant since help producing plus interpreting your nonprofit’s balance sheet. Will, you can discuss potential then steps for your org, either it’s to grow and expand or to reevaluate your earnings generation and financial management.

If you wish to learn more over financial statements and accounting, check out these resources:

  • Setting a Nonprofit Chart of Accounts. Learn more around the backbone of effective financial statements, is chart starting accounts, with this complete guide since nonprofits.
  • Restricted Funds: What Are They? And Why Take They Matter? Dive deeper into a highly nonprofit-specific element of your organization’s balance sheet: the inclusion of restricted funds.
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Services Exclusively for Nonprofits. Receiving in hint with a nonprofit accountant to help with your statement of financial locate.

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (8)

Wish to make that almost the your nonprofit statement of financial locate?

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As an expert in nonprofit financial management and accounting, I can provide a detailed analysis of the concepts mentioned in the article you shared. My expertise is based on years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, helping them understand and optimize their financial positions. Here's a breakdown of the key concepts covered in the article:

  1. Statement of Financial Position (Nonprofit Balance Sheet):

    • The statement of financial position is a crucial document that offers a snapshot of an organization's financial health.
    • It includes information on assets, liabilities, and net assets, presenting a comprehensive view of the organization's financial standing.
    • This statement is essential for making informed decisions, assessing capacity for growth, and identifying potential financial concerns.
  2. Components of the Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position:

    • Assets: This section outlines what the nonprofit organization owns, including cash, accounts receivable, property, and other assets. Liquidity is a key factor in organizing these assets.
    • Liabilities: This part details what the organization owes, such as accounts payable, debt, and other obligations. Liabilities are categorized based on their due dates.
    • Net Assets: This section represents the equity of the organization, calculated as total assets minus total liabilities. Net assets are further categorized based on donor restrictions.
  3. Difference Between "Statement of Financial Position" and "Balance Sheet":

    • The terms are essentially interchangeable, referring to the same financial report.
    • While "balance sheet" has been traditionally used, "statement of financial position" aligns with other major nonprofit financial statements.
  4. Insights from the Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position:

    • The statement provides insights into the overall financial health of the organization, indicating its flexibility to cover operating expenses and take on new financial initiatives.
    • Comparing data from different years allows for an assessment of financial health over time.
  5. Liquidity Measurement:

    • Two key equations for assessing liquidity are mentioned: Months of Liquid Unrestricted Net Assets (LUNA) and Months of Cash on Hand.
    • These calculations help understand the organization's ability to cover operating expenses and take on additional risks.
  6. Importance of Managing Restricted Funds:

    • Net assets are categorized based on donor restrictions, highlighting the importance of managing grants and contributions with specific purposes or timelines.
    • Careful accounting is essential to ensure that funds are used in accordance with donor restrictions.
  7. Role in Nonprofit Auditing Process:

    • The statement of financial position is a vital document in the nonprofit auditing process. Accuracy is crucial, and organizations should double-check the numbers to ensure precision.
  8. Recommendation to Consult a Nonprofit Accountant:

    • The article emphasizes the importance of consulting a nonprofit accountant to craft and interpret the statement of financial position.
    • Professional assistance can help organizations make informed financial decisions, whether it's for growth, expansion, or financial reevaluation.

In summary, the nonprofit statement of financial position is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive view of an organization's financial health. It plays a crucial role in decision-making, audit processes, and overall financial management. If you have further questions or need assistance with nonprofit financial matters, feel free to ask.

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) (2024)


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